1. CHINESE GOLDEN SALAD                                         4,5 €    

Cabbage, carrot, capsicum, onion, cucumber, tomato and

crispy noodles in tomato sauce.


2. SOM TOM PHAK                                                          4,5 €  

Chinese cabbage, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, peanuts

and lemon juice in sweet chilly sauce.


3. KIMCHI SALAD                                                            3,9 €   

Cabbage and cucumber in garlic tomato sauce.


4. SHRIMP SALAD                                                           5,5 €   

Shrimps with green vegetables and lemon.


5. CHICKEN SALAD                                                         5,0 €

Chicken salad with garlic, soya, carrot and cucumber in

bed of crispy rice noodles.


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