93. KONJEE LAMB                                                                  12,5 €

Crispy lamb with carrot, capsicum, sesame seeds and onion in

honey-ginger sauce.


94. OYSTER LAMB                                                                  11,5 € 

Lamb fillet with mushrooms, carrot, onion, capsicum and bamboo shoots in oyster sauce.


95. KUGBOW LAMB                                                                11,5 €

Lamb fillet with peanuts, capsicum, onion, mushrooms and dry

chilly in "Hoisin" sauce.


96. HONG KONG LAMB                                                           11,5 €

Beef fillet with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, , garlic and dry chilly

in Hong "Kong" style.


97. THAI TRADITIONAL CURRY                                              12.0 €

(Red           ,green       ,yellow   )

Classical Thai dish with lamb, coconut milk, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and lemon leaves.


98. LAMB VINDALOO                                                              12,0 €

Lamb cooked in spicy tomato sauce with garlic and coconut.


99. DILLI KA SAAG GOSHT                                                     12,0 €

Lamb cooked in thick spinach sauce.


100. BADAMI GOSHT                                                              12,0 €

Lamb with yoghurt, coconut milk and almond masala.

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