42. PEKING DUCK                                                                   36,0 € 

Whole duck pancakes, salad, soup and plumsauce.


43. CRISPY DUCK                                                                   13,0 €

Crispy fried duck fillet in plum sauce.


44. SWEET AND SOUR DUCK                                                 13,0 €

Duck fillet with onion, capsicum, carrot, pineapple and greenpeas in sweet and sour sauce.


45. SHANGAI DUCK                                                                 13,0 €

Duck fillet with mushrooms, carrot, onion, capsicum and bamboo shoots in oyster sauce.


46. GING TOU DUCK                                                               14,0 €

Crispy fried duck fillet with chilly in honey sauce.


47. BBQ DUCK                                                                         13,0 €

Crispy fried duck fillet in Hoisin sauce with sesame oil.


48. HONG KONG DUCK                                                           13,0 €

Duck fillet with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, dry chilly, ginger and garlic in "Hong Kong" style.


49. KASHMIRI DUCK                                                                13,0 € 

Duck fillet with peppers, tomatoes, ginger, garlic refined Kashmiri masala.


50. BHOONA DUCK                                                                  13,0 € 

Stir fry duck with indian ground spices.


51. DUCK VINDALOO                                                               13,0 €

Duck fillet cooked in spicy tomato gravy with garlic and coconut.

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